General Anthropology Division

Welcome to GAD

The General Anthropology Division (GAD) is an evolving coalition of anthropologists interested in what unifies and cross-cuts the discipline. GAD stimulates conversations that span the subfields and provides a home for emerging interests and ideas. GAD raises broad questions, fosters the emergence of new areas of inquiry, and examines the structures and conditions that shape our lives as anthropologists. GAD is also the umbrella for several committees that examine particular cross-disciplinary issues, including the Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing (CASTAC); the Teaching Anthropology Interest Group (TAIG); Federation of Small Anthropology Programs (FOSAP); and History of Anthropology (HOA).

GAD publishes a bulletin, General Anthropology, and GAD section members receive an electronic subscription to Anthropology Now, a general interest magazine that promotes interdisciplinary conversations and supports anthropology in the classroom.


History of GAD

Includes a list of past GAD Presidents and Distinguished Lecturers.