Active Committees of GAD

    • Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing (CASTAC)
      • CASTAC’s mission is to facilitate communication among anthropologists working in areas related to science, technology, and computing. CASTAC offers a forum in which to organize sessions for meetings, exchange ideas, and network with other scholars with similar research interests. CASTAC maintains a blog and a mailing list, runs a mentorship program at the annual AAA meetings, awards a graduate student paper prize, and, with the Society for the Anthropology of Work, awards the Diana Forsythe Prize.
      • CASTAC website
      • Platypus, the CASTAC Blog!
    • Teaching Anthropology Interest Group (TAIG)
      • TAIG provides a forum in which to discuss one of the most critical functions of our profession – stimulating, enriching, enlivening, and supporting minds by means of teaching the discipline we all share.
        Reflect on your own career, and how vital good teaching and mentoring have been to you.  CoTA wants to help you nurture and support those skills.
      • TAIG Blog
    • Federation of Small Anthropology Programs (FOSAP)
      • FOSAP is a membership committee of the General Anthropology Division (GAD) of the American Anthropological Association  (AAA). It is designed to further the needs of faculty and students in small programs in Universities, Colleges, and Community Colleges, as well as public or private agencies, consulting firms, and any other small groups with interests in anthropology. Members are welcome who work with, or care about, such organizations. In practice, our interests have centered around coping with instability for small departments in times of academic downsizing and in the challenges and opportunities for teaching anthropology in such small departments. We are open to any other contributions and interests from our members and, in particular, in fostering interactions among members from different institutional backgrounds.
      • Anthro Writ SMALL, Spring 2017
      • FOSAP V. 22 Spring 2016
      • FOSAP V. 21 Spring 2015
  • History of Anthropology (HOA)
    • The History of Anthropology Interest Group provides a gathering place for scholars interested in the history of anthropology and the human sciences. We sponsor sessions and hold an annual lunch meeting at the AAA each year and maintain a listserv (mailing list). We encourage AAA members to subscribe electronically to the free History of Anthropology Newsletter, an open access web publication featuring book reviews, bibliographies, news, and articles. Please contact Ira Bashkow ([email protected]) or Joshua Smith ([email protected]) if you’d like to get involved.