Open Anthro


The General Anthropology Division plans to develop a variety of open source materials to enhance anthropological teaching, research, and public outreach.  GAD will begin posting videos of the GAD Distinguished Lecture, AAA sessions, and short teaching-oriented videos in the near future as they become available.

GAD Distinguished Lecture Series

Gad has hosted a distinguished lecturer for nearly two decades. This lecture is held during the annual meetings, and is open to all participants and attendees of the meeting. While only the most recent lectures are available here and on our YouTube page, the partial list of lecturers includes:

1995 Laura Nader

1996 Milford Wolpoff

1997 Sherry Ortner

1998 Stanley Tambiah

1999 Jean Clottes

2000 Chris Stringer

2001 Adam Kuper

2002 Rayna Rapp

2003 Lila Abu-Lughod

2004 Margaret Lock

2008 Claire Smith

2009 Tim Ingold

2010 Karen Strier

2011 Richard Lee

2012 Richard Klein

2013 Bruno Latour

2014 Richard Kurin

2015 Jonathan M. Marks


Other Resources will be coming soon. Please look for: