Matthew Trevett-Smith
Boston University

January 7, 2016

During this 30 minute video, Matthew demonstrates how he and his students develop best practices for co-learning in a blended environment powered by active experimentation, collaboration, and shared responsibility. How our students communicate using such digital tools as Google Docs, email, blogs, Twitter, wikis, websites, instant messaging, news outlet discussion forums, and online virtual worlds such as Fantasy Westward Journey and World of Warcraft has broad implications for our classrooms. As part of an anthropology seminar course, co-learners explore the literature about these new literacies and directly experiment with the tools necessary for critical consumption of information. Together, students develop best practices for individual digital participation and collective participatory culture, the use of collaborative media and methodologies, and the application of network know-how to life and learning online. Students in this class actively collaborate and cooperate in their learning during and between classes through small group discussions, collaboration teams, face-to-face exercise, forums, blogs, mindmaps, and wikis.
To view Matthew’s presentation please jump to 1:27:41
Matthew Trevett-Smith joined Boston University in January 2016 as the Director of BU’s Center for Excellence & Innovation in Teaching (CEIT). He can be contacted for comments or questions at [email protected].